Creating An Outdoor Theater In Your Backyard

If you miss evenings spent at the drive-in movie theater, you may want to consider transforming your backyard into an outdoor theater. With the right accessories and a few creative ideas, you can make a wonderful space for entertaining friends or spending movie night with your family in the summer. Here are a few ideas you can use with your outdoor theater.

DIY Projector Screen Frame

If you'll be using projectors to screen movies in your backyard, why not create a stunning frame to show off your screen? You can build a frame from scratch using lumber from your local home improvement store, or you can go for a more rustic look by using old pallets to create a backing for your projector screen. Consider designs that will look great even without the screen, and add potted plants or other backyard decorations to add even more beauty around the viewing area. Another option is to use LED rope light around the frame to bring a glitzy look to your theater area.

Cozy Seating

There are countless options for creating a seating arrangement for your backyard theater. You can purchase additional patio furniture, which can be arranged in front of the screen, or you can go for a more casual approach by placing lots of soft outdoor cushions on the ground. If you love DIY projects, consider using pallets covered with cushions and pillows to create comfortable outdoor beds. They keep you off of the potentially wet grass while giving you plenty of room to stretch out.

Multi-Purpose Projector Table

You'll need a table or flat surface to place your projector on, but you can get more out of your table by using it for multiple purposes. Look for a beautiful outdoor cart with integrated shelves to use for your projector table. The projector can sit on top, and the bottom shelves can be used to hold beverages, snacks, and other essentials. Because the cart has wheels, it's easy to move and adjust as needed to get the best view of your film on the projector screen. If possible, find a cart that is tall enough to place the projector on one of the shelves, as this can help to protect it from rain should the weather suddenly change.

Consider drawing a map of your backyard to determine where all of your outdoor theater items will go, and then visit your local hardware store for a bit of inspiration. With the right touches, you can create your own backyard movie theater for spending plenty of evenings outside with family and friends.

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