Ideas For Using Flagstones In Your Outdoor Designs

If you're looking for natural stone to use in your outdoor projects, then flagstone could be what you need. It is easy to work with because the stones are cut from a big slab of rock, which leaves the flagstones smooth and flat. Here are a few landscaping ideas that incorporate flagstones.


Flagstone is ideal for walkways because it is flat and comfortable under your feet. You can use it for stepping stones or you can push the pieces of flagstone together to create a continuous path. Flagstone is somewhat thin, but it is still a durable stone. It holds up well to foot traffic and the outdoor elements. The pieces are large enough that they won't slip around or be carried away by rain.


You could build a patio entirely of flagstone. You could even build walls around your outdoor space and use flagstones in the walls. However, since flagstone is expensive, you may want to use it as a decorative touch instead. Most of the patio could be made from concrete, and you could embed flagstones around the perimeter for an interesting visual effect. In addition to patios, flagstone is a good natural stone to use around your pool area. You won't have to worry about kids hurting their feet since the stones are smooth and large. Plus, flagstone isn't slick like some other stones so it reduces the risk of slips and falls when it's wet. Flagstone comes in a few different colors, so you can create a unique artistic design for your patio or pool.


Another good use for flagstone is to make borders around flowers, plants, and trees. Flagstone comes in earthy colors, so they blend right in with natural surroundings. They can be installed with space between them, which allows for rain to seep through to water your plants. You could plant moss between the stones to create a border with old world charm.

Fire Pit

A fire pit or fireplace is an attractive outdoor feature you'll enjoy on long summer nights and chilly winter evenings. Flagstone is a good material to use when you build this area for several reasons. For one, it reduces the risk of fire when compared to leaving the ground uncovered. For another, the stones are comfortable so they can be used to make permanent seats or benches for admiring the fire. Also, since the stones are attractive, you can build a pit wall or fireplace wall out of the stones for a unique look that gives your backyard character.

Flagstones stand up to a lot of use and they are easy to keep clean. They can be used in many ways when it comes to outdoor projects since they are the perfect combination of durability, beauty, and comfort. For more information, contact a company like Old World Stone.

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