The Different Grades Of Granite

The look of granite is highly desirable, especially on countertops. You can turn any desk or counter into a luxury piece by adding granite to it. Granite is an expensive upgrade, but it is a great material because it is durable and stylish at the same time. However, not all granite products are the same. This article explains the main differences between pure granite and composite granite and what to look for when shopping for a new countertop.

Pure Granite

Pure granite is definitely the most desirable when it comes to countertops. That is, it will add the most value and style to your counter. A piece of raw granite is basically sourced directly from the Earth. This means that the slab that is installed on your counter is the same piece of stone that was super-heated in the Earth. Obviously, the rock has been cut and polished, but the piece is essentially natural and unaltered. This is part of the magic of granite countertops.

Raw granite countertops do need some TLC, especially when used in moist environments. That is, if you are going to install granite in a bathroom or kitchen, it needs to be sealed and regularly resealed. The process of sealing granite is very simple. You just spread it onto the surface, let it soak in for a set amount of time, and then wipe it down. However, granite sealant is expensive, so some owners don't seal their granite as often as they should.

Composite Granite

Composite granite comes in a wide range of styles and colors. Composite granite is basically made out of ground up granite and epoxy. The slabs are usually dyed to make them look more like natural granite. Of course, most people can clearly tell the difference between raw and composite granite, and most agree that raw products are more stylish. That being said, you can find more unique colors if that is what you are interested in. For instance, you can find bright red composite countertops. Basically, you can customize your granite for unique usage.

Composite granite is still popular because it is stronger and easier to maintain than raw granite. It is also much more affordable. Composite granite is the perfect product for people who want stylish countertops without breaking the bank.

Both raw and composite counters will greatly improve the look of any desk or cabinet system, so choose the product that you like best. Talk with contractors from a company like GranBrazil Inc to help make your decision.

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