Balancing Beauty And Safety When Installing Modern Fences

Modern fencing includes innovative products like cable railing and glass panels as well as updated takes on traditional items like cast iron. There are many ways to enclose a space today without sacrificing style, but business and home owners also need to be safety conscious. Here is how to accomplish both without making any compromises.

Maintaining the View

The greatest advantage to using glass railings or panels is how it allows a completely unobstructed view beyond the rails. Glass panels make it easy to appreciate exterior views and brighten dark interiors because they do not block natural lighting. Glass may seem unsafe compared to other fencing materials, but this is not the case. The material used for the fencing is weather and shatter resistant. The sleekness of the glass is not only beautiful but makes climbing the fence or rail impossible. It is a great option for balconies because there is no need to lean over the railings to take in the view.

Keeping it Stylish

Cable railings open up views and let in the light just like glass panels but also allow air to flow through as well. Many people prefer cable railing systems because they are easy to keep clean, do not corrode or need paint or stain. They are made from stainless steel so there is no bacteria or mold growth. Properly installed cables are no more than three inches apart to prevent children from squeezing through and the narrow, movable rails are almost impossible to climb.

Adding Some Elegance

Ornamental railings are the ultimate in luxury. They make any staircase look elegant and grand and make every exterior more elaborate. When added for purely ornamental purposes the swirls and patterns are amazingly intricate. Cast iron is incredibly durable and is available in nearly any height. Climbing is prevented by adding angled or sharply picketed tops.  If extra security is needed then straight pickets with no mid-rails will meet that need. Decorative features can still adorn the gates or the top of the fence so, security is never a sacrifice. 

Professional installation or purchasing the material from a reputable company is important when choosing this type of fencing.  It is important to be certain the material used will meet the necessary load requirements, that the cabling has the appropriate tension and all materials are properly anchored. Follow all instructions carefully to make certain the fence remains safe and beautiful for years. 

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