Are You Stuck With Carpet Stains From Your Pet?

Of course, you love your pet, but owning a pet does come with extra baggage: stained carpets as a result of body waste and fluids, especially when your pet is young or getting advanced in years. No matter how hard you try, accidents will happen. How do you get rid of that stain?

Pet Poop

Cover the area with a bowl to let the substance dry and to contain the smell.

This important step will help you to avoid the use of chemicals which may cause your carpet to stain/yellow. Mix 1 1/2 cups warm water with one cup vinegar and let it set.

Once the mixture is dry, lift off any solids with paper towels and drop into the garbage bag. Scrape off the remainder with a fork. You may reconsider using that fork to eat. Be careful not to damage your carpet.

Lift the resulting particles with a vacuum cleaner. Pour the water/vinegar solution onto the stain, and blot with paper towels.

You can also use warm water and liquid detergent. Repeat the procedure until the stain is gone. Add baking soda to the spot to mask the smell. Leave it on for 2-3 hours. Vacuum away the baking soda and spray with disinfectant to kill any bacteria.


Pet vomit causes stains as well as smells, but fortunately, it is one of the easier pet stains to clean up due to its bulk. Using a scraper, scrape off as much vomit as you can, as soon as possible. Cover the spot with baking soda to remove excess moisture. The mixture will form clumps. Wait 10-15 minutes until the clumps have dried. Suck up the clumps using the vacuum hose. You can use cornstarch instead of baking soda.

These home remedies are something to try first, but never underestimate the power of professional carpet cleaning for those stains you never thought would go away. Their mix of powerful chemicals and industrial cleaning equipment may help lift away the most stubborn stains. If you find yourself not wanting to get this up close and personal with your carpet or your pet's waste, cleaning services are still a boon. They will return your carpet to the best shape possible. If you hire general cleaning services, you also get the added benefits of a spic and span home. So don't suffer in silence with your stained carpet; get a professional to help you out. 

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