Removing Old Bathroom Tiles? Reuse Them in Art Projects!

Taking older floor tiles out of a bathroom can help you create a new look that is more appropriate for your home. However, you shouldn't waste those old tiles. Instead, you should clean them up and cut them into useful art projects to hang in your home.

Ceramic Tiles Can Be Very Useful for Art Projects

Ceramic materials are great for art projects because they are strong, sturdy, and can be easily cut and shaped into new looks. For example, it is possible to take old ceramic bathroom tiles and use them to create a "Live, Laugh, Love" board. You can also use them to create interesting sculptures by gluing pieces together and piling them higher.

Before deciding on a project that you want to build, it is important to take the time to understand which tools are available and how you can use this type of tile. In this way, you can master the ceramic tile project process and create a look or design that meets your unique needs.

Tools That Help

There are several types of tools that you can use to cut your tiles. For example, you can use a wet tile saw with a carbon blade to cut straight and even lines in your tiles. It is also possible to use an oscillating multi-tool to cut away significant curves, holes, and other more difficult types of cuts in your ceramic bathroom tile.

You may also want a tile nipper to help trim smaller portions off of your tile. These are useful if your cut is slightly off and you need a small correction to fix it. You should also have a bathroom tile sanding tool to eliminate any sharp edges.

Carefully Cutting the Tile

Once you have the tools mentioned above, take the time to carefully plan your project and cut your tiles. This requires drawing various shapes on your ceramic tiles and cutting them with the right tool. For example, the RotoZip can be used to cut small circular shapes for a ceramic tile picture frame.

After you have cut all of the pieces you want for your project, take the time to glue them together with ceramic glue. This type of product is available in most bathroom tile stores or in multiple types of hardware shops both in your hometown and online.

As you can see, there are many great benefits you can earn when using old bathroom tiles for art projects. Their ceramic build is diverse and versatile for many different concepts and designs. Make sure to take the time to try out different looks and styles to get one that works for you.

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