Do You Want A Contemporary Dining Room?

Does interior decorating come easy for you, or do you struggle a bit to know just how to put things together to achieve the look you want? Perhaps your decorating skills are a combination of know-how and want-to-know-more. Now that you are decorating your dining room in a contemporary style, here are some ideas that might help you to pull together a look that you can love each time you see it. 

The Furniture - How contemporary do you want your dining room to be? Do you want a totally modern look, or would you like some traditional touches to add interest to the room? If you want pure contemporary, go with very sleek furniture with simplicity as the key ingredient. For example, think of buying metal furniture that shouts I'm the latest in the world of modern furniture! 

If you want something a bit more traditional, think of buying wooden furniture that can be painted in the color of your choice. For example, think of having a black dining room table that you have stenciled with bright stripes or even bold flowers. You could also decorate with a combination of metal and wood. A metal table with black or red ladder-back chairs might be perfect for your contemporary dining room. Think about buying a floor to ceiling shelf where you can display things like beautiful dishes, serving plates, pitchers, and other decorative pieces.

The Wall Decor - While selecting the right furniture will certainly set the mood for your contemporary dining room, it might be the extra decorative touches that tell people what your personality is all about. Think of buying metal wall artwork decor of things you love, keeping the modern feeling you seek.

For example, if you love the outdoors, look for metal wall art in the form of things like dramatic trees, wild animals, flowers, frogs, ocean waves, birds and other things you would find in nature. Another idea is to blend metal wall artwork decor with actual paintings or framed photographs. Picture a large metal tree that is paired with art that shows an ocean scene or a group of giraffes.

If you want something truly dramatic, think of painting one of your walls a bright color, say brick red or turquoise, and have the wall be a backdrop for free-form metal wall decor art that invites people to guess what the design is. It might be that the wall art is reminiscent of paintings by Picasso.

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