Is Bathroom Mold Really Harmless?

One of the common arguments that some owners give for not treating their mold problem seriously is that it's not really that harmful. However, this point of view is quite wrong. Mold has been shown to be capable of causing health issues in certain people when it's inhaled. Apart from the health problems mold can cause, there's also the issue of the damage that mold can cause to some items inside your home. Mold can cause costly and irreversible damage to certain items inside your home.

Health Problems Associated with Mold

When inhaled, mold can cause serious irritation of the respiratory system, especially if someone has had prior respiratory problems. It can also cause irritation of the eyes and skin if it comes into contact with either. For individuals with asthma, having mold in the house can be a big problem since it can trigger an asthmatic attack. It has also been noted that children who grow up in an environment that has persistent mold problems are likely to develop respiratory issues at some point in their lives. The general health of such children can also be poor.

Mold Damage in the Bathroom

Items or parts of your home that are made from organic matter are at a high risk of being damaged by mold. Mold damages items that it grows on. It can leave stains that are difficult to get rid of, resulting in a permanent change in the appearance of whatever the mold as growing on. If this was a wall, you'll have to repaint it. However, if it's something like an expensive towel, clothes, or an imported rug, you'll have to pay for professional mold remediation services to have any hopes of saving the damaged item. Such items may never be the same again.

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

To limit the growth of mold in your mold, there are certain steps you can take such as:

  1. Using mold resistant materials for the walls, floors, and ceiling in your bathroom

  2. Installing a shower enclosure to keep moisture away from other parts of the bathroom

  3. Ensuring there are no leakages from any of the fixtures in your bathroom

  4. Drying any water that ends up on the floor

  5. Ensuring any rugs used in your bathroom are dried regularly

Despite the moisture you're likely to find in a bathroom, you can still keep mold growth in check to help you keep your family healthy. If you have a mold problem then use a mold removal service like DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration, Inc, to get rid of it. 

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