Common Problems With Tankless Hot Water Heaters That Require Repair

Tankless hot water heaters are very popular because they produce hot water on demand, and while the upfront cost can be more expensive than traditional tank water heaters, the monthly cost can be a lot less, since there is no need to keep dozens of gallons of water warm at all time. However, tankless water heaters can still develop problems that need to be solved by a homeowner or repaired by a licensed plumber. When it comes to tankless hot water heaters, it is best to have repairs made quickly in order to prevent issues from becoming serious and requiring the water heater to be replaced. Some common problems with tankless water heaters include:

Buildup of Minerals

It does not matter if you get your water from a municipal source or a well--mineral build up is a concern when you have a tankless hot water heater. When minerals build up, they tend to adhere to the components and heating elements found inside a tankless water heater. Over time, the buildup of minerals can cause problems with the heating elements and lead to a lack of hot water. This is something to be especially concerned about if you live in an area that is known to have hard water. Contacting a plumber to flush and then clean your tankless water heater can usually take care of the problem.

Water Heater Overloads

Tankless water heaters are relatively new, and they are run by more technology than traditional tank water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters produce hot water on demand, but they can fail if they become overloaded. When the demand for hot water outpaces the capabilities of the tankless hot water heater, it may shut down. In a lot of cases, limiting hot water usage for a set amount of time is sufficient to fix the problem. But, you may also need to hire a plumber to completely reset your unit so it can function properly again.

Problems with the Ignition

In order for a tankless hot water heater to create hot water, it needs a heating source. When the ignition system fails, there is an issue that needs to be repaired by a pro. Ignition problems can occur in both gas and electric tankless hot water heaters, and a plumber will be able to pinpoint the issue and tell you how to fix the problem. The sooner you contact a water heater repair professional, the sooner you can enjoy hot water again. 

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