Your Options For Stylish Fluorescent Light Fixture Covers

Whether you are decorating a home or a small business that has fluorescent light fixtures, it's important to do something to combat the harsh glare this type of light produces.

Historically, fluorescent light fixtures used inexpensive acrylic sheets to cover their light tubes. These sheets had textures to help the diffuse the harsh fluorescent light. However, these textured sheets tend to attract dust and give a room an industrial feel, which isn't ideal for all rooms.

Today, you have alternative options to cover your fluorescent lights, including:

Printed Acrylic Sheet Fluorescent Light Covers

Thanks to advancements in printing technology and inks, some of the most stunning covers for fluorescent lights are made of printed acrylic sheets. In fact, high-resolution printing on acrylic sheets is all the rage with professional decorators, especially in legal and medical offices.

Printed fluorescent light covers are available in a wide variety of designs, ensuring there is a perfect option for any room's decor. For example, some light covers depict scenes of nature, such as:

  • mountains
  • beaches
  • flowers
  • clouds
  • animals
  • fish 
  • space

In addition, acrylic fluorescent light covers are available with printed images of American flags, geometric designs, and even stained glass. 

If you are covering fluorescent tube lights in a commercial building, you can even have the covers custom printed with your logo or other advertising text and images.

Fabric Swag Fluorescent Light Covers

If you don't like the look of plain or printed acrylic sheets covering fluorescent light fixtures, then you can always opt to cover your lights with fabric swags instead. There are fabric swags sold in a variety of different colors and textures. Fabric swags are designed for easy installation using magnets to attach them to your light fixtures.

Fabric swags are often used in schools and homes for decorative reasons, and they are also used to filter out the human-annoying hues produced by fluorescent light tubes. This has been found to be very helpful for children and adults living with autism spectrum and other sensory disorders.

Additional Protection for Your New Fluorescent Light Covers

Lastly, if your fluorescent light fixtures are located in a warehouse or other industrial area where they could be damaged by workers moving products or machinery, then you should seriously consider covering them with metal fixture cages. The cages are hinged and bolted on to one side of the light fixture to make changing light tubes simple and convenient.

For more information, contact a local supplier of covers for fluorescent lights

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