Pest Control Services Keep Pests Away From Your Lawn And Home

If you really want to block pests entering your home, your first act of control is to keep them off your lawn. Your lawn is the initial entry point to pests seeking a home of their own. What you must do is mow your lawn. Pests find a suitable place to hide in tall grass and a property that's not well-maintained. So, keep your lawn and yard healthy by denying pests a place to hide and multiply in large numbers. Hire a licensed pest control company to take care of all your lawn and home pest control needs.

Importance Of Lawn Maintenance 

By maintaining your lawn, you help grass to use its natural defense mechanism to keep pests away. If you allow the grass to begin dying, then it's an invitation for pests to dwell on your land. If you're not good at doing any at-home lawn care, sign a contract with a pest control technician that includes the use of fertilizer on your lawn to maintain lush green grass. Water the grass adequately and have pest control services infrequently aerate it as well. You have to make sure that the grass never gets dry, but don't water it too much. Too much watering will cause pools of water to puddle up. Mosquitoes love puddles. They use the puddles as their main breeding grounds. Ask the technician about how often you should water the lawn if you're not sure what to do.

Trim Shrubbery And Other Bushes

If you have shrubbery and other bushes, your pest control technician will timely trim them to uproot pests that hide in that environment. When that is done, the technician usually empties the trimmings in a garbage bag and tightly closes the bag. Bugs caught up in the trimmings suffocate and have no way of escaping and heading into your home.

Pesticide Applications

The technician may at some point conclude that using some type of pesticide application is necessary to rid your property of prevailing ants and mosquitoes. Those insects are becoming a threat to inside your home as well. Have a discussion with the technician to make sure that the pesticides to be used on the lawn are not designed to harm beneficial bugs such as earthworms that aerate soil. The pest control professional will leave a sign on your lawn indicating that pesticides are in use on your lawn. Talk with your small kids and let them know that they should not play on the lawn for a period of time. Keep pets away from the treated lawn as well.

For more information, contact pest control companies near you.

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