2 Signs Your Home's Old Vinyl Windows Need Replacing

If it has been more than a couple of decades since the vinyl windows were installed on your house, you may wonder if it may be time to replace them. If so, look for the following signs that your current windows are wearing down and need replacing.

1. Condensation Is Constantly Present Between the Glass Panes

When you first purchased your vinyl windows, you may have opted for a double-pane model that helps to increase their ability to insulate your house against the outside air and moisture. However, these energy-efficient windows only work if the panes are fully sealed. Over time, the seals and glazing start to wear down due to constant exposure to moisture and the UV rays of the sun. As they wear down, tiny gaps are created that allow moisture to seep in between the frames.

When the heat from your home or the sunlight warms up the space between the glass panes, condensation can occur that creates a constant fog inside of the windows. If you see condensation inside of your window panes, they are no longer fully preventing the exchange of air between your home's interior and the outdoors. When this happens, you most likely will notice an increase in your heating and cooling bills. In this case, replacing the windows can help save you money in the long run.

2. Windows Become Difficult to Maneuver 

Another sign that your current vinyl windows are wearing down and should be replaced is when you start having difficulty maneuvering them. When you try to open or close the windows, they may stick, requiring you to use a lot of force to move them. When you do get the windows open, you may find that they start to slowly close, making it necessary to prop them open with a stick.

When your windows become difficult to maneuver, there are a couple of possible problems causing the issue. First, the frames may have become warped so that they are no longer aligned inside the tracks. Second, the springs inside of the frames that allow the windows to move smoothly and stay open may have become stretched.

If the majority of your windows have started exhibiting either or both of the above signs, or if you have noticed a marked increase in your heating and cooling bills, it is most likely time to have them replaced. Click here for info about your options for installing new windows on your home.

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