3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Patio Stone

Outdoor living is a great investment for your home. A patio, for example, can offer you an estimated return of 30 to 60 percent. Of course, a patio can also be an appealing and functional addition for your home and family's needs. If you are overwhelmed by designing your patio, help is available. Here are a few options to consider when choosing the stone products for your new patio.


When most people think of brick, they think about the exterior of a home. However, brick can also be a great option for your home's patio.

Brick is not only available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, but it is also quite durable. Brick will maintain its color and durability over many years without any risk of sun fading or deterioration from the weather.

It is important to note that brick is not the most ideal option for shady areas of your yard. The shade can cause moisture to build up on the brick, leading to the growth of mold and moss. This growth can make your brick patio slippery and dangerous.


Travertine is another excellent option to consider for your new patio. Classified as a type of limestone, travertine is both durable and beautiful. When selecting travertine stones for your patio, be sure to opt for the thicker pieces, which are made for outdoor use.

One major benefit of travertine is that it stays cool, which can make a bathroom quite cold. For a patio, though, this cooler feel is ideal, especially since the heat and the sun can cause a patio surface to become hot and dangerous.


If you want your patio to have a textured surface, consider flagstone. These stones are large and flat and usually have a slightly irregular shape, giving your patio a truly rustic and natural look that many homeowners love.

Flagstone is also available in a wide variety of colors, so you can easily create a patio that complements your personality and the exterior style of your home.

Examples of different types of flagstone include sandstone, limestone, quartzite, and bluestone.

Proper placement of the flagstone is key if you want the patio to be level. Make sure the ground is graded evenly and the stones are placed on a thick layer of pea gravel or soil.

Creating a patio does not have to be complicated. This guide will get you started designing the stone patio of your dreams.

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Outdoor living is a great investment for your home. A patio, for example, can offer you an estimated return of 30 to 60 percent. Of course, a patio ca

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