Seek A Roommate To Split Living Expenses With

Switching a job or dealing with an unexpected expense could have resulted in your struggle to maintain your current living situation. If two people split the cost of bills, it can often make a rental situation more favorable. If you are struggling to keep a roof over your head, contemplate sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a person who could also benefit from this type of living arrangement.

Seek A Match

Wait until you have some money saved back for your first month's rent and deposit prior to seeking another person to rent an apartment with. Some people in need of housing will be anxious to move into a unit, and you could send the wrong message if you are inquiring about a roommate and don't have the funds to complete a move right now. Once you have enough funds for the move, seek a match.

Either place an ad that pertains to the type of unit that you are seeking or review ads that others have posted. There are many resources online that can assist with matching potential renters. Be honest when filling out information about what you are looking for or the amount that you are willing to pay. This will ensure that you are matched with people who are seeking the same thing as you. 

Attend Viewings Together

Before the two of you search for an apartment together, speak to the person several times so that you get to know more about them. During each viewing, walk around the premises, check out the landscaping around the unit, and take note of what you will need to do prior to moving in. Things like deciding whose name a utility bill is going to be in or how you are going to handle a pet fee or a security fee should be agreed upon prior to signing a lease.

In addition, you and the other person should verbalize how long the rental will be needed. It would be a very unfortunate situation to sign a month-by-month lease and expect the other person to remain your roommate and then later find out that they would like to move out and find another place that is located in another town.

Start Off On The Right Foot

Your portion of the bills should be your first priority. Set aside money each week and deposit it into your checking or savings account. Withdraw the money a couple days before the rent is due. Be mindful of your new roommate and respect their privacy. Clean up after yourself and attempt to be quiet, considerate, and pleasant to live with.

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