A Window Glass Replacement Or Restoration To Your Window After It's Been Cracked

A crack in a window never comes at a convenient time. A ball may smash against a windowpane when you're playing in the yard with your kids on the weekend, or a tree branch might be tossed against the window during a bad storm. When the glass in your window cracks, prompt repairs are necessary or the crack will spread and the glass could become a safety hazard. Here are ways to deal with a crack in one of your home's windows.

Make Temporary Repairs

Some residential glass repair companies may have emergency services, but if you can stabilize the damage, you might be able to wait until a more convenient time to have repairs done. Try taping over the crack on both sides to stop the spread of the damage so the glass doesn't fall out of the frame.

You may also want to cover the window with cardboard, boards, plastic, or even bubble wrap so the glass won't fall out and harm anyone. Plus, covering the window keeps out bugs and other pests. You'll also want to make sure the broken glass doesn't make it easy for intruders to get in your house. Otherwise, emergency repairs may be needed for home security reasons.

Have The Damage Assessed By A Professional

If the damage is small, such as a tiny chip, it might be possible to repair the glass. If the crack is long, or if there is a hole in the glass, the glass will have to be replaced. A window professional will decide on the right way to make repairs. While replacing the glass is a good choice, you might want to save money and have repairs done when possible, even if it means the repaired area is visible after the work is done.

Have The Glass Replaced

The method for glass replacement depends on the type of windows you have. If you know how to remove the sash from the window, you may want to take the window to the glass shop to have the repair work done. Otherwise, the glass repair company can come to your home to replace the glass. This entails removing the old glass and putty and replacing them with new materials.

There's no need to replace the sash or frame when just having new glass put in, so a glass replacement is a more affordable way to restore cracked and broken window glass instead of getting a whole window replacement.

Whether it's just a chip, a crack, or a shattered pane, it's important to talk to a professional about the proper repair information. You can find more info with your local glass service provider.

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