Feature To Look For In A Reclaimed Antique Motorcycle Home Bar

If you are into vintage motorcycle memorabilia, are an avid rider yourself, or just love antiquated vehicles, a reclaimed antique motorcycle home bar is truly something to be admired. These interesting pieces are crafted from actual reclaimed motorcycles that have been outfitted with wood and other implements so the piece can serve as a home bar. Check out some of the features to look for in these unique home interior items for your home.

Logical Size

Motorcycles are a bit like cars in the respect that you can find them in a lot of different sizes. Because of this, the bars you find created with a motorcycle as the main supporting frame can be found in a range of sizes. Take measurements of the area in your home where the bar will be placed, as well as measurements of the door frames the unit will have to fit through during the move-in process. Use those measurements to find the right unit. 

Quality of Craftsmanship 

While the reclaimed antique motorcycle bar is a relatively unique and relatively modern thing, there are still a few companies offering these pieces. All of them will have their own assembly processes, so craftsmanship can differ from one unit to the next. Examine things like:

  • What type of wood has been used to build the bar 
  • How implements are fastened to the motorcycle
  • What types of finishing methods have been used to protect the bike and the wood


Of course, you will want the motorcycle bar you pick to coincide with your perceived design ideas. Bikes can have different color themes, wood implements can be stained various colors, and even the vintage appeal of the bike itself can vary by piece depending on age. 

Incorporated Features for Functionality 

Obviously, when you will be using a furniture piece, no matter how decorative that piece may be, the incorporated features for functionality have to be assessed. Take a look at the bar and see what all it offers. You can find an array of different features like;

  • An incorporated shelf for displaying bottles and spirits 
  • Integrated wine racks 
  • An included stemware rack for stemmed glasses 
  • Drawers for accessory storage 
  • An integrated receptacle for an ice bucket 

Check out the integrated features on any reclaimed antique motorcycle home bar you are considering, determine which ones are most important to you, and buy according to how you intend to use the piece in your home. 

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