The Benefits Of Using A Non Selective Grass Killer In Landscaping

The value and appearance of your lawn and garden depend on how well you eliminate elements like weeds and invasive grass. You may not have time to spend hoeing, raking, and mowing your grass. You need to use a faster and more effective method to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

To make your landscape look its best, you can use specially formulated chemicals on it. You can get the results that you want by using a non-selective grass killer in your landscaping.

Killing All Vegetation

When you use a non-selective grass killer, you essentially eliminate all vegetation in your yard. The chemicals do not differentiate between buffalo grass and bindweed, for example. They will kill all vegetation, regardless of what kind of plant that it actually is. 

This total elimination of all vegetation can be imperative for when you want to get rid of invasive grass species, bindweed, and other plants that threaten your yard. The chemicals kill the plants at their roots, allowing you to rake or hoe them up and replace them with plants that you actually want in your landscape.

Getting between Cracks

The non-selective grass killer that you use also is effective at killing vegetation in between cracks in sidewalks and driveways. Weeds and grass can grow in these cracks and cause damages to paved surfaces. It can be even more difficult to remove the plants by hand or with handheld tools like a hand rake.

Instead of spending long hours weeding out the vegetation in your sidewalk and driveway cracks, you can use non-selective grass killer on them. The chemicals will kill the plants and make your paved surfaces smooth and free from weeds and grass.

Weeding along Fences

Finally, non-selective grass killers can be used to get rid of weeds along a fence. As with weeding out the cracks in your driveway and sidewalk, it can take you long hours to weed your fence line. Instead of devoting a significant amount of time to backbreaking work, you can use non-selective grass killer to kill the weeds and make them easier to rake or mow.

Non-selective grass killer provides a number of benefits to your yard. It kills all forms of vegetation and eliminates invasive species of grass and weeds. It also makes getting rid of weeds in cracks, surfaces and along fence lines faster and easier. For more information, contact a company that provides non-selective grass killer.

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