Easy Natural Stone Landscaping Projects

Many people enjoy the appearance of natural stone inside and outside of the home. Here are a few projects that incorporate natural stone as a medium to your landscape. Each scenario provides a relaxing area to improve your property's atmosphere.

Add A Rock Garden Complete With Floral Blooms

A rock garden is an easy project that only requires the selection of rocks and plants you wish to feature. Start off by picking out three or four large boulders for your focal points. Select rocks in a similar hue, but pick out different shapes for diversity. Choose an area of your property where sunlight is abundant so the features of the stones and their surrounding landscape is appreciated in detail. After the rocks are placed, plant low-lying foliage around them. Look for flowers with bright colors to offset the gray, brown, or white of the boulders. When your plants are in place, sprinkle small rocks or pebbles around them. Consider using a similar hue to the boulders so your floral arrangement is noticeable.

Use Natural Stone As A Pathway Medium

Natural stones make wonderful sidewalks or pathways. Instead of using classic slate, pick out flat rocks in many hues and shapes. Plot out your desired pathway using stakes and twine. Dig out a few inches of dirt and grass if necessary. Place the stones in the concave area, being sure to leave a half-inch to an inch of space between each one to give the walkway a patchwork aura. Tamp down the rocks using a rubber mallet. There is no need to fill in space between the stones, as they will be pushed down a bit due to regular wear. This space becomes filled with natural debris over time. Lead the stone pathway toward a featured area on your property, such as a fountain, bench for resting, or garden.

Incorporate Rock Around A Pond Or Pool

Natural rock and water go hand in hand. If you have an existing pond or pool area on your property, use natural stone around its perimeter. This provides you with an area that feels as if it is secluded. Natural stone can also be used to add a waterfall to your water area if desired. Pick out a selection of several sizes and colors of stone and stack them so water drips onto ledges on lower layers. For color, add green foliage around your stone structure.

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