Different Types Of Wood Flooring For Your Home

Having wood flooring in your home is one way of bringing out the natural beauty of where you live. There are numerous options when it comes to wood flooring, waiting for you to choose one that fits your taste. The best thing about this type of flooring is that maintenance is relatively easy. 

However, installing them is a bit of a task, and you would need to have already made up your mind before the process starts. Mostly, you will need to decide on the kind of flooring style you'd want for your home. This can be daunting, especially if you don't know much about the different types. Here are a few varieties to choose from for your wood flooring needs. 

Laminate Flooring

This type of wood flooring is essentially compressed sections of fiberboard covered with a top layer of a wood-type image or a pattern that gives off a tile impression. After installation, a coating is applied on top with the sole purpose of shielding your wood flooring from possible damage. Besides, this new coat adds a finish to the floor, enhancing the overall appearance. 

Laminate flooring installation is easier when you go for click-lock, where the planks are designed to infuse with each other after placing them on the flooring. This type of wood flooring works best in your living and can be waterproofed if you intend to use it in a place where water might find its way.

Acrylic-Impregnated Wood Flooring 

This type of wood flooring is constructed in such a way that the wood structure has color and a sealant layer across its entire outline. The finish is effectively spread out across the whole structure for acrylic-impregnated floors. 

They are best suited for residential use and are incredibly resilient when it comes to humidity and tear. After installation, it becomes quite challenging to differentiate it with solid wood flooring.  

Engineered Wood Flooring 

This type of floorboard is constructed with an additional layer on top made out of a thin wood structure. Essentially, this structural feature is what makes this type of wood flooring an excellent option since it can be easily repaired in case of damage or tear. 

It can also withstand temperature variations and the effects of humidity. Engineered wood flooring is perfect for almost any room in your house, with one exception; the bathroom. This is mainly because excessive moisture in that area might cause damage to your flooring due to the massive amounts of water spills. 

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