How A Queen Size Bed Can Be Better Than A King Size Bed

The mantra "go big or go home" can apply to a lot of things in life, but it may not be the best mantra to apply when shopping for a bed. The largest mattress size is a king-size bed, and there are definitely times when a king-size bed is the right choice. But there are also times when it is not! Here are some reasons why, in many cases, you are better off opting for a queen-size bed over a king.

Queen mattresses are more affordable

The larger the bed, the more it costs. This price increase happens for two reasons. First of all, larger beds require more materials to manufacture. Second of all, larger beds are harder to transport and store. Because a king-size bed is substantially larger than a queen, the price difference between the two sizes can be a couple of hundred dollars. In other words, the difference in prices is significant. If you opt for the more affordable queen-size mattress, then you'll have more money left in your budget for other things, like new bedding or decorations.

Queen mattresses fit better in smaller rooms

To accommodate a king-size bed, you really need a large room. A queen-size bed, on the other hand, can fit well in your average bedroom. Even if you have a larger bedroom currently, buying a queen-size mattress makes it more likely that your bed will fit into future bedrooms if you move. Also, in a larger bedroom, it can be nice to have a little more empty floor space. A queen-size bed allows for that.

Queen mattresses are easy to find bedding for

Queen mattresses are a really popular size. As such, almost every bedding company makes their bedding in queen size, and they probably offer a lot of different color and pattern options in queen size. King bedding tends to be more specialized. Some brands don't make it, and the brands that do make it tend to be a bit more on the expensive end. With a queen mattress, you'll truly have your choice of bedding in every price range and material.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to mattresses. In many cases, a queen size bed can be the perfect choice as it offers plenty of space plus a number of other key benefits as listed above. Visit a mattress store to see what queen mattresses they have available. 

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