4 Reasons To Hire A Residential Tree Care Company To Trim Branches

Taking care of the trees in your yard is important for their longevity and for the beauty of your property. You'll probably need to hire a residential tree care company occasionally to trim your trees, especially if you can't do the work on lower branches yourself. Here are some reasons you may want a residential tree care company to trim your trees.

1. Branches Are Growing Downward

Branches that grow downward can be a nuisance. They might scrape your car or hit you in the head every time you walk by. They can also grow toward your house or roof and be destructive. Low branches can block the view through your windows or from your driveway.

When trees are trimmed early, branches that grow downward are usually removed. Trees are less problematic and more attractive when all the branches grow upward.

2. There Are Dead Or Broken Branches In The Canopy 

If your tree has broken, sick, or dead branches, they should be trimmed away. Removing branches from the canopy helps improve ventilation and allows more sunlight to the tree. Plus, dead branches are an eyesore. The most important reason to trim out damaged or dead branches is so your tree stays healthy.

Broken branches can become infested with insects or fungal diseases. Sick branches can spread diseases to other parts of the tree. Dead branches might fall and hit your car or someone in your family.

3. You Want To Shape The Tree

An arborist may not be able to shape a regular tree as well as a topiary tree can be shaped, but it's still possible to prune the tree so that it has a symmetrical and pleasing appearance. Some trees are more suited for this than others, and the arborist has to consider the present shape and condition of your tree.

A tree that's pruned to have an attractive cut is a valuable addition to your property. However, since branches grow every year, you may need to keep up with occasional pruning to maintain the shape.

4. When A Tree Is Becoming A Hazard

If you have a tree that's growing toward the street or toward a neighbor's roof, you may want to start trimming back the tree before it becomes a big problem. You might also want to trim a tree that's growing branches over your inground pool or that's sending branches toward a power line. Trimming these kinds of problems early is better than waiting until the trees become a hazard or nuisance.

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