Can You Install A Window Above Your Door?

If you want to increase the natural light in your front entrance or living room, you may consider installing a window above your front door. But if you don't know what type of window to install above your door, you may use table lamps to lighten up your front entrance. You can introduce more natural light in your front entrance with the right above-door window. Learn more about above-door window installaions.

What's an Above-Door Window? 

An above-window door, or transom, is a small opening that sits just above a door or another window in a building. A transom window's main function is to increase light or air circulation in a room, such as a front entrance, a foyer, or a living room. Some homeowners also place transom windows in their bathrooms or laundry rooms as a way to introduce fresh air into the room. 

Transoms come in many styles, including arched, circular, and square. The small windows generally come with a single pane of glass encased in metal, vinyl, or wooden frames. The type of frame used for an above-door window may depend on the location of the door, entrance, or room. For instance, if a front door contains hardwood or engineered wood, the frame for the transom should also contain hardwood or engineered wood. The door and window frames should blend in easily with each other. 

The glass used for transom windows may also vary. Window installation companies may use decorative glass, insulated glass, or weather-proof glass to construct their windows. However, customers can customize the glass for their transom windows if needed.

If you think a transom window will be the best option for your front door, contact a window installation company soon.

How Do You Install a Window Above Your Door?

A window installation company will need to cut or create a space above your front door for your transom window. The space will be the same width as your front door. If you want to make your window larger, ask an installation company if it's wise to do so. You want the window to match the style and appearance of your door.

The length of the window may depend on how much space you have available above your door. Your transom window must fit comfortably in the space without causing problems for your door. For example, if an installation company places the window too low in the door, it may prevent the door from opening and closing properly. A company will take measurements of the door before they install a window above it.

For more details about transom windows, contact a window installation company today.  

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