Renting A Water Softener Is An Affordable Alternative To An Upfront Purchase

If you've moved into a home with hard water, you may be frustrated with the scale on your faucets and shower doors. You may also hate the way your laundry looks and feels. The difference between hard and soft water is quite noticeable when you're used to living in a home with a water softener. If buying a softener for your new home isn't right for you, consider renting one. Here's how a water softener rental arrangement is beneficial.

Renting Is Convenient If You're Not Handy With Repairs 

An advantage of renting a water softener rather than buying one is you'll have someone to install, maintain, and repair the equipment if it's ever needed. These services may even be bundled into your low monthly rental rate so you don't have to worry about ongoing costs other than replenishing the salt. Be sure to read your rental contract closely so you know what you're responsible for doing and what the water softener rental company takes care of while you rent the equipment.

Renting Lets You Experience Soft Water As A Trial

If you've never lived with soft water, you may not be sure if you'll like it. You might also wonder if keeping the salt filled will be too much trouble. That might keep you from sinking money into buying a water softener, and that keeps you from experiencing how much better it is than hard water that leaves mineral scale on everything.

You might want to start by renting a unit for a year and then if you like it, you might want to buy one. After using a softener for months, you'll understand more about how they work and the maintenance they need, and this could help you make a good decision about the type of water softener to buy.

Renting Saves You Money

If you've just bought your house, you may not have extra money for buying a water softener. The rental payment for a softener is usually quite affordable, so renting is a good way to get a softener set up so your home is protected from scale buildup. You can always buy a water softener later when you have the funds available. Some rental agreements might even contain a rent-to-buy option that lets you own the equipment once it's paid off.

Renting Is A Good Choice If You Rent Your Home

When you rent a house, you can't make changes to the plumbing without permission from your landlord. Even if your landlord agrees to let you install a water softener, it may not be a good use of your money to buy a water softener for a house you don't own.

Water softener rental arrangements are often for a year at a time just like property leases are often yearly. If you decide to move at the end of your lease, you can terminate your rental agreement and have the water softener removed. In this situation, renting a water softener is much less expensive than buying one.

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